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 a launch in real time – the “live-tweet” post

Launch Day Minus 1

List size: 12

So, here I finally am.  Some time tonight True Entrepreneur will come off the developers server and take flight in the world.

It has been an eternity in the incubator and now it’s happening all at once.

Tomorrow would have been my dad’s 84th birthday.  We lost him in March, so it is still very fresh.  I wanted to mark the day with something positive, with a big step forward.  Mum is dreading the day, so she’s coming down to spend the night with me.

TE_entrepreneurshipI’ve put a bottle of Moet in the fridge – mum and I will drink it to celebrate the birth of True Entrepreneur down on the beach watching the super moon rise.

There is so much to do …. My mind is jumping and running and spinning.  My list will be my best friend today.  There are two major pieces of work to complete, a multitude of little things, the testing of the forms and the proof reading.

I’m feeling cautiously optimistic about the response, but I certainly have no expectations of “overnight success” – I know it doesn’t work like that.

I’m mindful of a few reality checks; people saying “what you’re doing is nothing new” and “do you know how hard it is to build a list these days” and “where are you going to find clients?”.  So I am realistic, I know the real work is about to start, the real work of getting known, of attracting attention and selling conversations.

But today my heart is so full.  I am humble with gratitude that I’ve been allowed to indulge in my art.  That I’ve had another business to fund the development of this one.  That I’ve been able to work with incredible designers and developers to bring my vision to life.  That I’ve been able to test my content and systems with some willing participants, who have been more than kind.

I’m incredibly grateful to the 12 people who joined my waitlist.  I hope you’ll be joined by quite a few more in coming weeks, but I can’t wait to write to you all tomorrow and let you in the doors to have a look around.

I’ve been so encouraged by so many people.  I’ve been thanked and acknowledged so many times.  It feels so good that my hard earned “know how” is finally in a form to help more people.  For me that is what it is all about.

Business is my art.  Entrepreneurship is my church.

It is not easy, sometimes it is not even fun, but I think it’s the safest path to independence and freedom.

Launch Morning

(Still Under Wraps)

I’m like a proud mother.  It’s a sad / happy day.

It’s working!

Still a lot to do before I “announce”, but the migration went well (well, not well, but it happened).

It looks good! It is amazing to be looking around the site on my own server.

My contact form landed in my inbox.

A few little things I can’t fix (I’m still learning wordpress and divi), but I know they’ll take my designer 5 minutes to sort out.

I took my consulting page out of the menu for now, I don’t want to rush that one, it needs more work and that is OK.

The big task for today is just ahead of me, getting my head around the integration between the opt in plug in and my email / automation system.  I wanted to put this off for another couple of weeks and use an interim system, but I’ve jumped in.  I have my friends at Superfast Business to help me out if I need it.

Soft Launch

It took me quite a while to get my head around hooking up the opt ins and the automations but hopefully I’ve done it – it seemed to work on a couple of tests

I posted the new site on Face book and Superfast Business Forum, and people have been overwhelmingly kind and positive.  Also some helpful suggestions and tweaks.

Not too many sign ups yet, hoping they come as I “get out there”

I have a few more groups and communities that I’ve been a participant in to post to over the next few days.

Exciting times, very glad I’ve made the leap.

One Week On From Launch

I had so many lovely comments from everyone.  Very glad I pushed myself and launched on such an emotional day.

Then fell in a bit of a heap with exhaustion, so I’ve taken 3 days off work and 5 days off this work.

A sprinkling of sign ups and not much planned for those lovely people yet.

A big ladle of self doubt, feeling like I haven’t hit the mark.  Continually worry about whether I can relieve a pain without first creating that pain.

Re-thinking my opt in in particular, but that work won’t go to waste as I can post it as individual blog posts in a series.

Number 1 struggle for a year has been deciding on my opt in – why has this one piece been so hard?  I’m going to post for help with this in a fantastic facebook group I’m part of.  Plus I’m going to meditate on this with my journal, I think it could be a deeper fear to grapple with.

Highlight of the week has been talking with Barry Moore on the Active Marketer podcast.  I offered myself as a “live” case study for Barry and his advice has been gold.

Now some tech stuff to grapple with, learning a new opt-in plug in, learning tagging and baby steps with Active Campaign.

Then I’d like to finish the copy for my “Consulting” page.

I tell myself, you know how to do this, just write a list and get some stuff done.

As Liz Gilbert would say ONWARD.