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Clarity + Positioning + Connection = Remembered & Referred


Life changes forever the first time you call yourself an entrepreneur

You’ve found True Entrepreneur, a place for those who can’t go back to “real” work.  A place where ideas and models and strategies are celebrated and risks are taken.  A place to go deeper, look forward and feel validated.

See our inspirational Manifesto for more soul stirring stuff.

Hello, I’m Cate Richards.  Cate Richards True EntrepreneurWhen a close friend couldn’t explain me to a colleague, she settled on introducing me as a “true entrepreneur”.  I don’t think it was meant as a compliment, but I took it as one (in fact I felt my chest puff out a bit).

Since you found your way here, perhaps you’re also a True Entrepreneur.

You know the exquisite creative highs and the soul crushing lows…… you’ve felt everything click into place and known *crickets* in your inbox (and bank account) ……. you’ve experienced the beauty of flow and the disappointment of setbacks.

But somewhere along the way you jumped the fence and there is no going back.  Your only option is to lean in and embrace entrepreneurship.

You know stuff – a lot of great stuff – stuff that other people are yearning for.  In serving them you’ll know the intense joy of contribution, of enabling life changing transformations that also feed your spirit.

“You can have everything in life you want if you will just help other people get what they want”


Whilst I seem new on the scene, I’m not half baked. 

Insights, ideas and improvements have been simmering on the slow burner for years, and this delicious gourmet feast of clarity and strategy is ready to be served.

As an Entrepreneur building a “know how” business you need a few things to “click”

You need Absolute Clarity – our master path is the “7 Clarities”, the first and most important is your Sweet Spot – your very own place in the sun.  Add to that deep insight about your ideal clients – in serving them you create brilliant (and even life altering) outcomes

Superior Strategy –a bespoke brand and business model (yours alone), with captivating products so well positioned that clients will think you are listening to their thoughts.

Enticing Branding – so your ideal clients will click with you the second they find you.

Captivating Products – designed to improve life for your ideal clients.  We can help you convert your knowledge and insight into marketable, transformative programs and teaching content, allowing you to make a huge positive impact in the lives of your clients.

We start right where you are, with what you already know.  We work from the inside out, so the business you build is a business that sustains and excites you.

I’m on a one woman crusade to stop entrepreneurs choosing models that don’t fit them and following tactics that exhaust them.

You have know how and experience to share – your model must play to your strengths. Using the “exact steps” that earned someone else 6 figures in 24 hours probably won’t work for you.

Your combination of Sweet spot, brand and products will be as unique and multifaceted as you are.  Generally it just takes clarity and some course correction.

People call me a “Business Whisperer”, so let’s work together to configure your assets into an enticing offer and build a platform from which your results (and confidence) will sky-rocket.

Potted History:

When I was a corporate-y person I got to do amazing work on incredible brands with hugely talented colleagues.  I worked in consumer insight, marketing, advertising planning, idea generation and brand strategy for some of Australia’s biggest and brightest companies and this country’s largest advertising agency, Ogilvy.

I’ve been a business owner since 2005, though I didn’t call myself an entrepreneur for a long time.   After 18 corporate years it was time to build something from scratch.  My first business was built from a wisp of an idea and a blank sheet of paper. The idea chose me, it chased me and wouldn’t leave.

I had identified a pressing problem that no one had solved.  So I figured I will build it and they will come*.  I gave that venture literally everything.

Since you’ve seen this first act before, you might already sense that this will end badly.  My business model was very high cost and in the pre social media era it was near impossible to find enough ideal customers.  I soldiered on for a while, but in the end had to admit it was an epic failure.

(*I still can’t watch Field of Dreams)

Whilst I make light of it now and wouldn’t change a thing, the shame and pain hung around for a long time.  I wrote a post about this greatest of all growth experiences here, check it out if you enjoy reading horror stories inspirational comeback stories.

“And so, rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life”


Like all good hero journeys, in the second act I edged my way into success as a business owner, with a venture I created in late 2006.  I couldn’t let the epic failure go to waste, so I extracted some valuable lessons and repackaged my offer for a different market; a market that was easy to reach and had deep pockets.

It has taken time and a lot (a lot lot) of hard work but Team Bonding is now aCate Richards and Team Bonding thriving 7 figure business with a great team and happy clients.  I’m proud of it.  The best bit is that I don’t even run it anymore, I act as a consultant to grow the business and support my team.  In 2014 I wrote this popular post about how I went from resentful, burned out, rat in a wheel work slave to a real business owner.

At right is a picture of some of the amazing team that keep Team Bonding running with minimal assistance from me.

What have I learned?  Well SO much, but the dumbest idea was to set aside a stellar career and the skills I had acquired.  Inexplicably (for a person who likes to think she is fairly switched on), it took me years to realize that my branding and strategy skills could be used to serve other entrepreneurs – the very people I was most at home with.  This was stuff that was so easy for me I could talk about it all day long (duh, that was a big clue!).

So now at the belated threshold of the third act, I feel so blessed to be sharing my knowledge, skills and experience with my people, the true entrepreneurs.


My “why” is to help people build an uncompromised life, where they choose how their time is spent, are supported financially and their creativity and gifts flow without constraint.  

My “what” is the vehicle of entrepreneurship.   People using their gifts to transform the lives of others creates ripples of positive change. (That is contribution, and yes you can be enriched yourself for enriching others).

I love strategy because that is where creativity and business intersect, so I get to be creative whilst improving businesses.  I believe entrepreneurship with it’s emphasis on creative problem solving is what our world needs more of.


The Short Bit About The Person Cate Richards

cate_raf_scarFor an extrovert my interests look decidedly unusual; I’ve read at least one book a week since I was 12 years old, reading is my oldest friend and learning is my deepest passion.

I love stories, I’ve even been known to welcome a sniffle because it gives me an excuse to binge on a deliciously written TV box set. Ahh, Netflix, how I love thee.

I also love wine and cooking, coffee and chocolate, philosophical conversation, painting, experiencing new places and cheering on the Swans. I wish I could rediscover my former love of exercise … though I do spend at least an hour outdoors every day with my dogs.

I love new ideas and nurturing them into being, I love being with other entrepreneurs and dreaming up new products.  I want everyone I love to know the freedom and sense of purpose I enjoy because I boldly stepped off the career track.

Paradoxes reign; I am simultaneously outgoing and fiercely private, I’m a passionate traveller with a great love of home.  I have a close knit family and friends galore but am generally most content in the company of my dogs (2 Labradors, beautiful spirits, amazing companions and spoilt rotten – you can see them below enjoying the beach where we live).

Nothing excites me as much as a blank sheet of paper but my best creative ideas have come from resolving constraints.  I can (and often do) talk the leg off a chair but am truly in heaven writing in solitude.

I’m over 50 now, it’s interesting to look back.  Parts of life have been upwards, climbing the success ladder and seeking bigger and bolder achievements.

Other times were distinctly horizontal, travelling the world for a year at a time (twice), quitting a great job to research all aspects of human creativity and see where intellectual curiosity could lead.   (I now realise that was my first flirtation with entrepreneurship, I practically all but wrote a book and created an innovative product, eventually shelved to go back to the “safety” of the corporate world).About4

I guess I have a lot of drive, and I inherited the hard worker gene from my late father, but the horizontal parts of life were absolutely the best.

I’m working hard smart now, and will for quite a few more years, so that horizontal life will eventually be mine for keeps.

In a major step forward on that front, I have recently moved to one of the best places I’ve ever been on earth.  I literally pinch myself everyday that I’ve washed up beside a stunning beach in a beautiful community.  My dogs are I are deliriously happy.

Thank you for your interest, please contact me anytime if you’d like to talk and I encourage you to read the manifesto to see if you are one of us.

Remember, your best is yet to come.