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module3FOR YOU IF:

>>  You’ve identified that it is time to bring your business assets into one place under your own name as your endorser brand.

>>  You feel something new and bigger is emerging and you want to create a container for a deeper contribution.


  • Note: Brand in a Billion can be the right branding strategy for either:
  • Your personal name brand eg. CateRichards.com
  • OR a new brand name that has emerged from a desire to serve your audience at a new deeper level for eg www.trueentrepreneur.com.  This is a brand built from a personal place, a brand for which who you are is central.
  • However It’s not right for a “built to sell” brand that requires a lot of separation from you personally.  That is a different approach which I cover in my Essential Branding for Businesses course.  Please contact me for details.


>> Craft a future proof brand that is uniquely “you” and will adapt to your growth and changes of emphasis

>> I’ll personally walk you through my simple, enlightening brand building process called “Branding From the Inside Out”.

>> We’ll identify your “red thread” – the idea that ties all your work together and gives you room to grow in the future

Your resulting brand is perfectly you, perfectly aligned and perfectly positioned to captivate your audience.

You’ll have what my Branding clients have, a brand that makes them burst with pride (and sometimes cry tears of joy).


>> This is my branding metaphor; you’re the lighthouse … your brand is the bridge that connects (amazing) you with your receptive, ready audience.

>> In this branding model your starting point is your deepest truths – what’s inside your heart and your desire to serve.

>> The connection point is learning to tell your brand story so it creates that jolt of recognition with your receptive audience. It’s your stories (your insight and empathy) that prepare the ground for people to open their ears, minds and hearts, then raise their hands to work with you.

>>  Choose your Style Archetype and allow that to shape and simplify your design choices and the development of your brand voice.

>> We also cover Brand story telling and how to structure stories to captivate.  We start with your most important story, your origin story, plus have a bunch of brilliant story prompts so you can create a stockpile of stories.

>> I’ve also extensively researched story telling tips so you can be confident that your stories will resonate.

>> You’ll finish with a solid strategy and a design brief for your brand that will make any talented designer weep with joy and you’ll get their very best work back in response.

>>  We also nail your key messaging and create a language guide for your copy, including the following critical pieces:

  • above the fold copy (headline and sub headlines)
  • call to action
  • key benefits and content pillars.


>>  Branding is my first love.   I’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs recognize the importance of intentional branding in their business and why they need a brand which matches their ambitions.

>> This particular program is very close to my heart –  finding your “Brand in a Billion” could be life changing and liberating for you.  Your ideal self will find it’s expression which will resonate at a deep level with your ideal clients.

>> I’ve evolved and tested a beautiful and empowering process to discover the brand that lives within you.  It is called “Branding From the Inside Out” and I think you are going to find it inspiring and empowering.

>> I was a business strategist and consumer insight manager for Australia’s leading companies.  So, I know how billion dollar brands mine research to develop messages and positioning that hits the mark.

>> My true super power is facilitation.  I always start broad, I use clever creativity techniques to generate a bunch of great options before you pause to harvest, evaluate and drill down.  It’s a generative, rich, empowering process where you will leave feeling that perhaps for the first time you have a the Brand you were born for.

>> One more thing, I’m not a coach, I’m a strategist, an idea generator, a problem solver, a way shower and a framework addict. I’m business model agnostic, I want you to be able to evaluate your options from a clear eyed place and design the L.I.F.E. business that will work for you (and that will be different for everyone).

>> I’m also a kind person and I won’t beat you up if you get a bit lost, stuck or scared (because you will), I’ll hold out my hand and try and guide you out of the desert.

Hi, I’m Cate – I help know how entrepreneurs (like you) find their way into the market and get their ducks in a row. They launch with confidence and their offers hit the mark.

My specialty is strategy – skillfully guiding clients through the decisions that must be made ahead of any “stellar launch.”

I draw on 20 years experience as a business strategist for the big end of town PLUS another 10 years in the entrepreneurial salt mines.

I built a big business that didn’t make me happy, so I left it in capable hands and am building this one straight from my heart.

I came to Cate with a mess of ideas and she knew exactly how to turn these into a business plan. She helped me put some structure in and really think things through. Who would my ideal client be? What would I offer? How would I charge for it? How would I promote my business?

After just a short time working with Cate, I had a plan and well thought out business idea that I felt was really going to work. Cate helped connect me with other professionals to create my website and logo and once all this was done, she also put me in touch with potential clients.

I now have a successful business that ticks all of the boxes that I wanted it to. I can pay the bills whilst still spending time with my little girl. I feel so grateful that I met Cate at the right time as none of this felt possible without her vision, structured thinking and advice. (Not to mention writing skills!)

Jenny White

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1-1 VIP DAY – In Person: 

Full day program (Sydney or Wollongong)
3 months of support, including 3 x 45 minute follow up calls to iterate product development

A$1,199 plus expenses to max $250.


1-1 VIP DAY Online – Via Zoom: 

3 x 2 hour livestream sessions (including exercises)

3 months of support, including 3 x 45 minute follow up calls to iterate product development




Structured Program Completed 1-1 – Via Zoom: 

Reading and preparation materials
9 x 45 minute sessions over 10 weeks
Email support continues for 6 weeks to launch