Clarity + Positioning + Connection = Remembered & Referred



What if, just once, you were completely sure about your next steps?

What if you could make business improvements based on more than just “feel”?

What if you could access an objective perspective on your progress that you can never get because you are too close to your work to see it clearly?

What if you were given a prescription of the exact things to fix in your business to skyrocket connection and conversion?

This is the kind of CERTAINTY that high quality research provides.  

(That’s why big companies invest millions in DECISION SUPPORT. They have teams of people, banks of data and don’t move forward without robust findings)

In the meantime, we poor suckers get to ask our Facebook friends and have to go with assumptions and guesswork.  

Do you second ever guess yourself?  Sometimes, in the dead of night, do you hear a voice plant doubts like:

     >>> Am I mediocre?

     >>> Have I missed something?

     >>> Is my business all that it can be?

I can help you banish those crippling doubts forever.

Because, there’s a way to know for sure.

Imagine feeling validated for the effort you’ve put in.
How good would it be to know what you’re doing right and precisely what needs to improve?
(And why doing that work will pay off).

I will hand you a simple list of tweaks, that are easy to implement? PLUS you’ll feel CERTAIN (because you have evidence) that making those simple changes will rapidly improve your opportunity to make a strong connection with new and current audience.   AND turn more of them into buyers because you are nailing your positioning.

This is how previous clients of BRAND360 feel.  

Validated.   Confident.  Motivated.  

Ready to implement the findings and take their business from good to GREAT.  Ready to make a huge impact in their field.

I want you to have what my clients have. 

A brand that makes you burst with pride.

Brand positioning that is clear, compelling and right on point.

Copy and design that stops prospects in their tracks, creating a pattern interrupt
and inviting them into your world.


Hi, I’m Cate Richards.  I help entrepreneurs with clarity, strategy and branding.  For 20 years before I became an entrepreneur I was a market researcher and business strategist.   I created BRAND360 to help my friends.  They are smart entrepreneurs, but I saw them struggling to get clients because of their blindspots.  I wanted to give them a true appraisal of their #1 business asset – their Brand and it’s platform.

BRAND360 is the fast track to the best your Brand can get. 

It is the easiest way to improve and energise your business because you’ll be CERTAIN about what to work on – why it matters – and how those changes could take your business to another level.

Who are you?  Let’s see if I know you …..

  • You’re an intuitive marketer and well aware you’re not a Brand strategist, and yet, you are building a Brand.  You fear there could be more to it than gut feel.
  • You’re not one of those ignorant newbies that dismisses branding as fluffy time wasting.  You get it instinctively … AND you see it working all around you as your peers build their authority.
  • You’ve reached the point where you want to play a long game and give it your best shot.  From what you can discern great Brands are built from the inside out and live deep in the bones of their creators.
  • You’re not sure you’ve done that, it has all been a bit of an afterthought.
  • You never tell anyone, but sometimes when you are wondering why something you tried was a tad disappointing, that traitorous voice surfaces.  Am I missing the mark? Is it all that it can be? Why isn’t everything easier by now?
  • You hear a heap about “Brand” these days, but you’re not sure you know exactly what that means in a practical sense for your business.

Let’s address this last point.

Here is how I think about the relationship between Brand and business.

Your brand is like a bridge that spans two islands:

You’re on one island, with all your insight, your talents, your experience and specialized knowledge to share.  You are a lighthouse, shining out into the world.

Across the water on the other island are those who are receptive to your message, and hiding in plain sight amongst them are those who are ready for your products.   They don’t yet know that your island has the solutions to problems they dearly want to solve or that you can deliver them a long held desire.

Your brand is that bridge that invites your audience to come over to your world.   It’s so much more than how you look, it’s what you say, the tone of your voice, how you act and engage and how your personality resonates with theirs. It’s how you signal your value and whether you seem like a person who can be trusted.

Your bridge (Brand) is what you promise and deliver.
Brands go DEEP, they are your integrity, values, culture and mission.
Great brands are built from the inside out.

Great Brands have mastered 2 things; POSITIONING and CONNECTION.  

Attention is bestowed so briefly … you have an 8 second window to stop your ideal clients in their tracks …. to let them know that you get them – to ask them to spend a while getting to know you.  Use that moment to the best of your ability.

Please do the work to build a generous, inviting bridge that will seamlessly invite people into your world. 

Would you like to find out how well your bridge (Brand) is working?

BRAND360 in a Nutshell

BRAND360 is a robust review product the likes of which has previously not been available for entrepreneurs.
It combines your responses with those of your clients AND an independent panel of 40 “fresh eyes”.
I synthesise those findings into a succinct summary and a prescription for what to do.

Essentially, this process will review your brand from every angle and you’ll get insightful advice (from someone who is both a brand expert and a real entrepreneur) on how to improve.    I’m Cate Richards.  BRAND360 started as a review framework for my friends, I wanted to give them a reliable way of getting perspective on their branding efforts and show them what to do to improve.

My friends are driven and successful, but they didn’t have the benefit of 20 years experience in measuring and managing Brands that for the long game.   I’m delighted to share that knowledge with this review; equal parts robust data that you will trust, penetrating insight and easy to execute roadmap.

How to let you know that I know my stuff?   I worked as a market researcher for the first 15 years of my corporate career.  I started in quantitative research, which is about seeing patterns and telling true stories with numbers. 

After a couple of years they let me loose on people and I learned qualitative (in person) research which helps you dig into why people respond the way they do.  

I’d been head of Consumer Insight for Australia’s largest company (CBA) for 5 years when I needed a new challenge.  I chose advertising, and worked for Ogilvy as a Business Strategist on billion dollar brands for the next 4 years.  I loved that job.  (Sometimes I wonder why I ever became an entrepreneur – which I did in 2005)

I learned about managing complex Brand systems. I learned about analysing findings within evidence based frameworks, so nothing gets missed.  I learned about letting the data tell its story.   I’m delighted to share that knowledge in a service that will validate what is working well and give you a prescription to fix what you can’t see yourself.

Why consider investing in a BRAND360 review?

  • Finally, here is one simple fix to skyrocket your business … no second guessing, no spinning wheels and no longer being dismissed as a lightweight
  • BRAND360 will fast track brand improvements that need to be made to improve your clarity, differentiation, resonance, design, credibility, momentum or consistency
  • you’ll be CERTAIN about what to work on, why it matters, and how that will take your business to another level.
  • No asset works harder than a magnetizing Brand. The benefits are intangible – clarity, connection, memorability, engagement, referrals, admirers  AND tangible:  attention,  audience, stick, opportunities, more clients and ultimately more profit.
  • A magnetizing brand amplifies all other business building efforts. If you’re falling short in any of the 7 key areas you will know and be able to take action.
  • This is not just me, Cate Richards, making s*** up. I analyse your brand with the help of two best of class frameworks developed by billion dollar companies to manage their assets.  
  • As well as your responses, you can invite some clients to participate, and their responses are gold dust! However some of the most powerful findings come from the independent panel, who are judging you as a new prospect would and playing back what they perceive.
  • A super simple set of priorities that will be easy to implement and will catapult both connection and conversion (and all the yummy things that come from selling more)
  • Can you put a price on certainty?   You will be certain that some specific tweaks and changes that you get in your results will more than likely pay off in a huge way for you.

Just like it did for Barry Moore

BRAND360 synthesises the results from 4 viewpoints.

>>>  Your self rating
>>>  The view of your best clients
>>>  The fresh eyes of 40 people in an independent panel of marketing savvy respondents
>>>  Plus a 20 year brand specialist (me, Cate Richards) making sense of it all for you.

Findings are structured based on evidence backed frameworks. You will review your brand from every angle and get clear, succinct advice on how to improve.


Comprehensive 20 Point Review

Your review is categorized under the 7 Qualities of Irresistible Brands*

Clarity – Does everyone get you immediately?

Differentiation – Does your Brand or offer include a memorable point of difference?

Resonance – Does your message and presentation connect with ideal clients?

Design – Is your visual signature clean, congruent, uncluttered and does it provide a great user experience?

Credibility – Is there evidence of authority and proof to build trust and mitigate risk?

Momentum – Are you getting better known, deepening your engagement and thriving?

Consistency – Is the totality of your presentation, messages and voice aligned and managed reliably?

* The Irresistibility Quotient framework was proposed by Taylor Nelson Sofres, based on results from 1,000 mega brands and adapted for Entrepreneurial brands.

The video below is a “fly through” example of the BRAND360 results. Depending on your package, you will receive these findings as either a 30 – 40 minute screencast recording or a 60 minute live presentation (which can also be recorded).

You will also get a copy of the slides and a PDF of survey result summary.




Discover your Brand Persona

In addition to this framework we deploy a proven methodology to investigate how your Brand’s voice is coming across to the audience. 

Your brand qualities and personality are presented via the buyer persona quadrant model (shown at left) – Humanist, Methodical, Spontaneous or Competitive).

Validating with this model lets us test whether your own view of your brand matches the actual perceptions.  It gives you a powerful model to develop your brand voice and frame your messaging.

Previous clients love the clarity of this analysis, and it has improved their confidence in the value of building their Brands in their unique voice.


Your “Prescription” For Implementation

Summary and recommendations are presented in a Priority Matrix that give you clear directions on what to tackle to rapidly improve.

>>> Quick Wins

>>> Easy Progress

>>> Investment Tasks

>>> Tasks to Delegate

In addition, I provide resources and content to assist with recommendations.

See an example of a Priority Matrix at right.



Once you’ve purchased the product we will prepare your self rating and client rating questionnaires and send them through within a day or two to get the process underway.    

(Please note, it is not essential to include clients, but their view is incredibly valuable)  Their responses are completely anonymous, we won’t know which clients have sent back their questionnaires).

Once we receive your completed questionnaire we prepare the survey for the independent panel and allow a few days to hear from them.

Whilst that is underway we ask you to watch a 20 minute preparation video that introduces some Branding concepts and the frameworks that underpin the findings.   This means we can keep the results super focussed with minimum explanation, which will enable a fast, confident start on execution.

Time from purchase to result deliver is generally under 10 working days (we will let you know if there is likely to be any delay).

You will be able to choose your result delivery and customisation from 3 options, shown in the price table below. Our standard version is a 30 – 40 minute screen capture video where I narrate the presentation of your results, plus pdf’s of the slides, a pdf of the survey results from the independent panel and some some prescribed content if needed.

I want to make BRAND360 a no brainer for entrepreneurs like you, so you have my word.
If, for any reason, you’re not satisfied with BRAND360 I will promptly issue a full refund.

There’s only ONE condition: Please tell me the main reason you weren’t happy
with the product,  so I will know how to make it better.


Launch Offer
AUD$660 incl gst
  • >> 20 point review drawing results from self ratings; client perspective; perception of an independent panel of 40 people.
  • >> Your “Prescription” via your customised Priority Matrix providing clear and succinct recommendations
  • >> Training videos to introduce the frameworks and curated content to support rapid implementation
  • >> Results delivered via a 30-40 minute screencast video
  • >> 7 days email support, includes comments on changes or assistance with design brief
  • Important note, for Australian buyers the price is $600 + gst ($660).  The price for buyers outside of Australia is lower at $AUD600 because you will not be charged our 10% sales tax.


Launch Offer
AUD$990 incl gst
  • >> 20 point review drawing results from self ratings; client perspective; perception of an independent panel of 40 people.
  • >> Your “Prescription” via your customised Priority Matrix providing clear and succinct recommendations
  • >> Training videos to introduce the frameworks and curated content to support rapid implementation
  • >> Results delivered via a LIVE 60 minute presentation (Skype or Zoom)
  • >> 30 days phone or email support, includes comments on changes, sounding board for different directions and assistance with design brief
  • Important note, for Australian buyers the price is $900 + gst ($990).  The price for buyers outside of Australia is lower at $AUD900 because you will not be charged our sales tax.


Sydney, Australia
  • >> 20 point review drawing results from self ratings; client perspective; perception of an independent panel of 40 people.
  • >> Your “Prescription” via your customised Priority Matrix providing clear and succinct recommendations
  • >> Training videos to introduce the frameworks
  • >> Results delivered via in person workshop 60-75 minute presentation
  • >> Followed by a 2.5 hour idea generation session to develop value proposition and all facets of Brand brief
  • >> 3 months unlimited phone and email support, through rebranding or Brand rejuvenation project

BRAND360 is ideal for you if:

>>>  You want your business to be all that it can be, you don’t want your wings clipped by your lack of understanding about how to do “Branding”.

>>>  You are seeking to build authority in your niche

>>>  You are committed to serving your clients and playing the long game in business.

>>>  You have some decisions to make in your business and would LOVE some genuine decision support.

>>> Seeing your clients respond and make changes that allow them to thrive is surprisingly thrilling for you.  You can’t believe how satisfying a simple thanks can be.   But now you’re ready to reach more people, you know your stuff and you know you can help clients make meaningful changes in their lives.

>>> You are ready for “the next level” but aren’t sure what will take you there.

Whilst most of my clients are already in a good place with their business, this process can also help enormously if things are not so good.

Perhaps you already know your brand could be a lot better but you don’t know how to improve it. 

Or, maybe you have some real fears for your business (and yourself).  Nothing you are doing seems to be working and you’re getting the sense that ideal clients are sailing right on by.

There could be no faster way than BRAND360 to get a go / no go decision and see if you have something worth pursuing.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  What kind of time commitment is required from clients?

A:  Your self rating questionnaire should take no longer than 15 minutes.  If you operate in a partnership you should collaborate on the answers.   You will need to put aside around 20 minutes to review our supporting material which will accelerate you to implementation.  If you choose BRAND360 Standard your results will be sent in a 30 – 40 minute video.   If you choose BRAND360 Premium Live we will talk over Skype for 60 – 75 minutes.    Then you will more than likely have some implementation tasks.

Q:  How would I know I’m ready for BRAND360?

>>> You can describe your ideal client
>>> You have a value proposition** that sits in an obvious place on your website above the fold.
>>> You have a call to action
>>> You can articulate your Brand’s qualities and personality
>>> You have clients (or trusted friends) you can ask for feedback
>>> You are craving for more substantial information and guidance on what to do next to improve your business

** If you are struggling with this, can I suggest you jump in first to do our “Magic Words” online masterclass and put magic words above the fold on your website.   The independent panel would be lost answering some of the questions without this basic information.

Q:  Are the independent panel my ideal clients?

A:  No they are not, because to recruit ideal clients would literally 10x the cost of the research.  The people in the independent panel are digital natives, they are English speaking, first world people, they are marketing savvy.  They are mostly aged over 25 and they enjoy giving their opinion.   As time goes on I am handpicking them based on the thoughtfulness of their previous responses.

To ensure the views of potential clients are included, the best proxy is past clients, so this is why I encourage everyone to send the survey out to 15 – 20 clients who you feel would be willing to give you feedback.

Q:  Can you help me work through any strategic issues that emerge?  

A:  Yes, you can buy consulting time from me or purchase a workshop.

Q:  Can you help me with any design issues that emerge?  

A:  Yes, I can review your creative brief and make some recommendations for designers I know that work with various budgets.

Q:  Should I make some improvements first and test them?

A:  This is a great question.  I think if you don’t have your magic words it is important to work on those and redesign your home page to include that key copy.    If you know your website needs updating you could test the final signed off design before it gets built out by a developer.  (This is what Clinton Power did, and it gave him total confidence in his investment in a new website).

Q:  How do I know you are measuring the important things?

A: Probably the most important question of all.   First I did a literature review to find a simple evidence based framework that identified the factors that contributed to BRAND360.  I went with a model devised by a company that were a former supplier of mine, Taylor Nelson Sofres, because I know they had an enormous database of major brands that had been observed over time.  They created a score called Irresistibility Quotient and sought to use their big data to define what created the conditions for the “irresistible choice” that makes brands the automatic choice.

I had to adapt their attributes slightly to suit small entrepreneurial brands.  Under the 7 areas I broke them down into a few sub points so your results are shown as a 20 point review.

One of the key attributes we measure is “resonance”, how your brand connects at a deep level.  For this the framework I chose the buyer persona model with 4 quadrants.  Again, this is a model that has been generated and developed over time and was originally used for personality testing, but has a very simple and interesting application in marketing.   I use the terminology and approach for developed by Jeffrey Eisenberg in “Waiting for Your Cat to Bark”.