Free Challenge Starts on Tuesday November 1, 2016 ….

The BUSINESS BLISS challenge runs for 11 days from November 1, 2016
(You can waitlist now)

I’ll email you one simple 10 minute task each day.  The insights will transform your relationship with your business and sow the seeds for liberation.

Some days you’ll reflect, some days we’ll be super practical and some days we’ll tap into universal energy to get you out of this rut.

You won’t be alone, there will be a private Facebook group, I’ll be there to support you with some other fantastic folks who will be sharing their insights, we’ll be in this together.

At the end you will know what you want.  You can’t make progress in life unless you state what it is you really want.   What really matters and who you want to be.  It’s powerful, it’s liberating and it can be life altering.



This is For You If:

  • The excitement and spark you had for your business has taken a beating
  • Your feel disappointed and disillusioned about business
  • You feel like your business is running you and not the other way around
  • In the day to day reality of running a business, not only has your joy gone missing, you’ve almost lost yourself
  • You’re ready to let go of the grind and embrace a lighter, easier path
  • You really want to change your business model to something more leveraged (less dependent on you) but you don’t know where to start

What Will Happen?

When you sign up you’ll receive an email to confirm that you are in, which will include the link to join the Facebook group.

Beyond getting a new notepad or sketch pad there’s no preparation needed.   I will ask you to set aside 10 minutes a day to read an email (or watch a short video) and complete a task.    (Personally, I think the mornings are best for that).


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Hi, I’m Cate Richards and my other business and I were in a toxic relationship.  So I’ve faced this problem in my own life and come out the other side with true insight.   I believe I’ll be a positive guide to get you out of this particular wilderness.

For years I loathed the demands of my business and resented the energy it took.   It took time to put things in place, but it did eventually happen.   Now I have a brilliant manager handling the day to day operations and I only work on growth projects (the creative stuff).

I even got to escape the city!  So now I live at the beach and spend 25 hours a week working on this business (True Entrepreneur) which I love with my heart and soul. This is my art, and I’m incredibly privileged to do this, plus I know my client’s are getting results, which is the most gratifying part.

Another reason I can help you is I get called a “Business Whisperer. ”  Somehow I reconfigure the pieces into a better fitting business for my clients.  I’ve been an entrepreneur for 11 action packed years, before that I was a researcher and business strategist for “the big end of town”.  I even worked with the crazy cats in advertising for 4.5 years.  Now I do strategy for entrepreneurial brands rather than the billion dollar type and I couldn’t love it more.

Join me, and a great group of people who are determined to have less stress and more bliss.  I have absolutely loved putting this challenge together, just for you.