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Your Complete Authority Branding Strategy


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Embodying Authority, Authority Attributes, Authority Segmentation, Authority Platform



The 6 “B’s” of Authority Branding



Your Complete Authority Branding Strategy Audio - Part Two

Your Complete Authority Branding Strategy Audio - Part Three

Notes & Links

Imposter Syndrome

Article about “imposter syndrome”

About Page

April Dykman on the Copy Chief blog

Authority Platforms

Finding a Quick Win:  I wrote a post on it which you can read here:

Lead Magnet Articles – WP Curve  ///  Thrive Themes

Adding proof when you are starting out.

Borrow It

Epic Post about Influencers on the Foundr blog by Jonathan Chan.  I doubt you’ll have a single “how to” question after reading this.


For more on guest posting check out this post

I found a great step by step article on Quora here, if you’d like to investigate this further.


A great example of an attention grabbing approach is when Derek Halpern wrote, “If you’re not building an email list, you’re an idiot.”

Mark Manson, made his name this way, connecting to many of us with his famous (and brilliant) post The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck.

References / Further Reading

Using Authority to Persuade, includes summary of Stanley Milgram’s Experiment

The Triune Brain Theory and the role of emotions in persuasion.

Whole brain branding and 8 primal desires:

Being a Servant Leader

9 Qualities of the Servant Leader

Using Quora

Authority Hacks:

How to Become an Expert (Testing The Depth of Your Topic Knowledge)

 The Imposter Syndrome: