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te-cate-ducks-group-square>> This is the structured program that will set you up for success building your unique lifestyle business.

>> You’ve been trying to crack it for a while, but you’re still chasing your tail as an entrepreneur

>>  You haven’t quite found your way into the market in any satisfying way.  You might express this frustration as “I still can’t pinpoint what my thing is”.

>> You have loads of raw material (ideas, content, insight, things you can teach) but you haven’t been able to configure them into something that hits the mark.

>>  You’re not super clear on your positioning, not particularly inspired by your brand or you feel you need to add layers to your brand.

>>  Your work is subtle and hard to explain.

>>  Your peers aren’t clear on precisely who to send your way.  They can’t spot the problem you solve “in the wild”.

>>  You’ve started building an audience (even if slowly and the group is still small).  There are people who seem interested in what you have to say, but your attraction approach needs work.

>>  You don’t know how to shape your know how (intellectual property) into something that would work as a paid product

>>  You’ve tried to create a product, program or workshop but your launch was disappointing and you think you got ahead of yourself.

>>  You need help and guidance with market research so you know what content and programs your market wants.

>>  You need a client attraction method that funnels people through from receptive to ready to raising their hands.



>> Soup to nuts; from demoralized and fuzzy to a perceptive positioning and captivating brand.  As we move through the ducks (decisions) we get clarity, we position ourselves, we learn to connect via our brand, voice and stories and create products that will entice our audience.

>> As a 1-1 or intimate group program, Get Your Ducks In a Row is a choose your own adventure.  Some ducks you might fly through (or already have complete), some might need some reflection or revision.

>> As a guide, my process is to reveal not tell.  All your answers are within, I help by “whispering” them out, interrogating them and giving them shape.

>> You will never feel ready but you do need clarity.  So there will be epiphanies (read clarity) GALORE!

>> Clarity is “Duck One” – Your Sweet Spot – your way into the market (there are a number of models that are subtly different and only one will really suit you)

>> Audience is “Duck Two” Your ideal client will become crystal clear, including where they are, what they want or need and how to move them from receptive to ready to raise their hands.

>> You will start building an audience with your content and social media before you are “ready” or have something to sell, so when you do make an offer, they are waiting.

>> “Listening” is another Duck.  You will learn how to research your people and build something they actually want

>> You will create your “Brand in a Billion”, and learn how to get authentic attention for doing your great work. (Those Ducks are called “Connection”, “Positioning”, “Design” and “Voice”.)

>> Develop a product, program or service validated by research and pre-sold before you build it.

>>  Decide which product formats will work best for you and your clients; leveraged digital products, in person workshops or online programs, 1-1 coaching or productised services.

>> Map out an approach to increase your Visibility in a crowded market and your Selling System.

PS the Ducks have names and they are super cute!


>>  This is a “success readiness” program, to beat impostor syndrome.  You will launch feeling absolutely confident you’ve done your work and covered your bases.

>>  I have intensively studied the lifestyle business model. I bought the training, maxed my cards going to overseas events, read all the books, listened to thousands of hours of podcasts, subscribed to the forums and didn’t take a single short cut.  I believed that because I’d learned all that could be learned, I would get rapid traction …  yet I still spent 9 months chasing my tail.

I even made the classic mistake of thinking I knew what people needed rather than building something they were asking for.

If that sounds a strange way to recommend myself, I think we need to tell the truth;  this kind of business takes a little longer and is harder to figure out than anyone will admit.

There’s a lot of pretence going on that there is some simple “formula to crack” or that it’s dead simple for any goon to make huge money doing what they love.

I call BS on that, a lot of those people are either “reteaching” (ie they haven’t built a real business) or they’re not being truthful about the blind alleys, their time in the desert or the real success rates of their clients.

I believe that the more you know, the harder it can be, because we “smarty pantsers” are the worst for over thinking and second guessing.

I will meet you right where you are and give you support and tools to steer yourself into your Sweet Spot.

I know you’ve got the good stuff just waiting to be “whispered” into being.  Often, all it takes is another set of ears and eyes – a bit of structured thinking and a large spoonful of encouragement.

>> I don’t teach tactical marketing, I specialise in strategy, all the decisions that need to be made before your successful launch.  This is a “readiness” plan – you’ll be able to hit the ground running to learn tactical marketing, because you’re building from a solid platform

>> Over the time I’ve been working on True Entrepreneur I had a whole bunch of people asking for my help with clarity.  To find their Sweet Spot, hone their message, to figure out what their place in the sun will be.  And there is literally nothing I love more than helping people with that stuff.

>> So I’ve created a structure to support these crucial decisions.  I help you take a whole bunch of stuff off the table first, so we can work much faster.  I will get you out of overwhelm and second guessing, into clear, generative thinking, evaluating options, making decisions.  You will finally, finally get off the sidelines and into the game.

>> Oh yeah, I was truthful earlier that this business has taken a little longer than I expected to get traction.  Well, I do have something I am very proud of, my “real business” – one that I created, built and systematized to such an extent I’ve been able to leave it in someone else’s capable hands.  It pays me over 6 figures a year to live at the beach, play with my dogs , write my content and help my clients.

>> So, I know what it takes to build a real business.

>> AND before I was an entrepreneur, I was a business strategist and consumer insight manager for Australia’s leading companies and biggest advertising agency.  So, I know how billion dollar brands do their R&D.  I’ve adapted these discipline for entrepreneurs (and boot strapper research budgets).

>> In the 4 years I’ve been researching, developing and testing this business model I’ve identified the ducks (decisions) that need to be attended to and put them in the order that makes the most sense for the most people.  (This is a customised programs, so we can shuffle your particular ducks to your particular needs)

>> My super power is facilitation.  I studied idea generation extensively, so I start broad and clever creativity techniques to generate a bunch of great options before you pause to harvest, evaluate and drill down.  It’s a generative, rich, empowering process which will give you a lot of confidence.

>> One more thing, I’m not a coach, I’m a strategist, an idea generator, a problem solver, a way shower and a framework addict. I’m business model agnostic, I want you to be able to evaluate your options from a clear eyed place and design the L.I.F.E. business that will work for you (and that will be different for everyone).

>> I’m also a kind person and I won’t beat you up if you get a bit lost, stuck or scared (because you will), I’ll hold out my hand and try and guide you out of the desert.


Hi, I’m Cate – I help know how entrepreneurs (like you) find their way into the market and get their ducks in a row. They launch with confidence and their offers hit the mark.

My specialty is strategy – skillfully guiding clients through the decisions that must be made ahead of any “stellar launch.”

I draw on 20 years experience as a business strategist for the big end of town PLUS another 10 years in the entrepreneurial salt mines.

I built a big business that didn’t make me happy, so I left it in capable hands and am building this one straight from my heart.

I came to Cate with a mess of ideas and she knew exactly how to turn these into a business plan. She helped me put some structure in and really think things through. Who would my ideal client be? What would I offer? How would I charge for it? How would I promote my business?

After just a short time working with Cate, I had a plan and well thought out business idea that I felt was really going to work. Cate helped connect me with other professionals to create my website and logo and once all this was done, she also put me in touch with potential clients.

I now have a successful business that ticks all of the boxes that I wanted it to. I can pay the bills whilst still spending time with my little girl. I feel so grateful that I met Cate at the right time as none of this felt possible without her vision, structured thinking and advice. (Not to mention writing skills!)

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Note:  Get Your Ducks in a Row is my most comprehensive program and includes material from “Precision Positioning”, “What the Hell Should I Sell”, “Brand in a Billion” and “Success System”.



Ducks in a Row is a 3-6 month private program.  

1 x full day clarity workshop to kick off
Program completed via 7 x 50 minute calls spaced either weekly or fortnightly according to client needs
(Can do a second in person day if you prefer)

Sydney, Wollongong, Canberra.  For Melbourne or Brisbane, travel expenses of $500 apply.

A$1,899 + gst


VIP DAY Workshop Kick Off – Via Zoom: 

Full day livestream session via Zoom (with breaks as required)
Followed by 7 x 50 minute sessions over 8 weeks.
Email support continues for a further 3 months

A$1,699 + gst (most accelerated program)

Structured Program Completed 1-1 – Via Zoom: 

15 x 50 minute sessions over 16 weeks
Email support continues for a further 3 months

A$1,699 + gst