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Clarity + Positioning + Connection = Remembered & Referred

Make a powerful instantaneous connection with each ideal client

Have you ever looked at a partner and experienced a visceral jolt of connection that took your breath away? Almost like an electric shock? And you knew for sure that the other person felt it too?  A “pow” moment….

That is what great brands do for their creators …. engineer that jolt of recognition from your ideal client to you.

Here is my theory:  Your brand is to your business what your body is to your self. (Go with me for a second)

Your body packages and presents you.  It creates a first impression, then reveals how you sound, how you connect with eye contact, posture and body language.

But it goes deeper, it houses your energy, your mind, your stories and identity.  When people meet you in person they catch your energy and drive.

The challenge is enabling this essence of “you”, your spark, your bearing – to live outside of you.

So how does your Brand look?  How does it sound?  How does it act?

Does it stretch out its hand with twinkly eyes and a warm smile?

Does it look stylish and loved and cared for?

Does it sing with resonance to your ideal clients; “this is a place for me?”

Does your business’s “outside” match the beauty of what’s inside?

Does your brand capture an elegant, wise and generous human or proclaim ….. “here is the home of a leading edge thinker!”?

Is it a brand that makes you burst with pride?

Or could it be stiff and formal, greeting people out of obligation but leaving them cold?

Perhaps it looks familiar and formulaic, like a person in a uniform, so you notice their uniform and don’t look at their face?

Or is it a little “all over the shop”, like a person who jangles with retro clothes and bold accessories, so you don’t know where to look first?

Maybe it’s tired or lifeless, like someone in a regulation suit greeting people with a limp handshake and with no enthusiasm?

Or is it like a wallflower at a party? Tidily dressed, but lacking in confidence, energy and magnetism.

Or is it like an adult in an animal onesie at a networking function, seemingly immature and completely lacking credibility?

Let me help you build a Brand that captures who you really are. A brand you are truly proud of.   A brand that makes that “pow” connection.


The brand your business deserves.

Clarity is everything in business. That is why clarity is at the core of True Entrepreneur.  We don’t move forward until there is clarity.  Until you can exhale, get excited and fall in love with your brand. 

Central to my brand building process is nailing – NAILING – 2 things:  Your ideal client and your value proposition.  You only have seconds to impress in the online world and not much longer in the real world.

A few seconds for someone to work out if you are worthy of their precious attention. Time to take in visual cues and perhaps 20 words.

So yes, we help you shape that visual identity, but also those critical words.

As inputs to your value proposition, we get you CRYSTAL CLEAR on your key messages;

  • who you work with
  • what you’ll help them address
  • the results or transformation they get from working with you.

Bam, bam, bam – just like that. 
Never again will you babble incomprehensibly at a networking meeting.
Never again will you stumble over your words on a podcast.

If you follow steps with the One Page Brand tool it all falls beautifully into place.  Your brand on one page, with not a word too many nor a word too few.  A definitive document that sums you up perfectly and accelerates your progress.

This is me, Cate Richards

Despite being a branding specialist in my 18 years of corporate life, I went and did something completely different at first.  It actually took a while to dawn on me that I could help entrepreneurs with thorny brand issues.  Duh.*

It all started with passing on advice to fellow entrepreneurs in social settings.

Suddenly, my years experience applying branding principles for billion dollar companies had some use! This knowledge was helping my friends and that felt great.

Many encouraged me to do more in this space, so that is why I created the One Page Brand – to streamline and simplify this process so my clients don’t get so bogged down and confused.    Or worse … think “Brand” means logos, fonts and colours.

* They call this the unconscious competence problem…..

So, if here you sit with your brand that you aren’t all that proud of and isn’t quite doing any of the heavy lifting for your business.  I invite you to knuckle down to this 5 module course, delivered on demand for you to consume as you would like.

It will definitely help you if you notice any of these “symptoms”

* You aren’t sure you really understand what is meant by “branding”

* Your brand doesn’t make that instant connection

* You’ve grown out of your brand, it isn’t relevant to the business you have now – you are saddled with a past version of you or feel painted into a corner

* Your brand is tired or lacks vitality

Your brand is bland, overly formal, lacks edge or is cold.

* Your brand doesn’t have enough of YOU in it

* People who find your site can’t instantly perceive who you serve and what you do for them (and most importantly, if you are “for them”)

* You have website shame or brand shame

* You have multiple brands and have inadvertently created a complex system
(we call this Brandemonium)

Some “sleeves rolled up” work from you and you’ll have a a brand and offer that everyone “gets”. Aligned with your Sweet Spot and sharing values and sensibility with your ideal client

You know when you come across someone who seems to speak right to you as if they are reading your mind?  Or you find a website that feels like home?  That will be how you appear to ideal clients.

Your One Page Brand – captured, distilled, refined and aligned. 

A brand that will make you burst with pride (the way I feel about True Entrepreneur). 

A brand that will connect instantly and powerfully with your ideal clients.

Consume it in the way that suits you best; videos, mp3’s, transcriptions and downloadable worksheets pdf’s to give you clarity and work in depth for each section.

Best practices examples and case studies for every segment.

Watch me build a brand new brand from scratch “live” during the training.

Templates and frameworks that will guide you through till you find your precious magic words; your 20 word value proposition that tantalizes and has ideal clients wanting more.

The completed One Page Brand will captures all the brand essentials; your ideal client definition;  the benefits of working with you, your brand’s descriptors and visual identity. You’ll also have direction for developing your true voice, your mission and most importantly, your stories…. your “stick”.

You’ll also have set of guidelines that anyone else working on your brand can follow so that every piece of communication is consistent

All completed step by step in real time.  With simple questions and worksheets that layer in your insight in the most effective way.

What We Cover

Module 1

  • Introducing the One Page Brand Tool
  • Ideal Client Descriptor
  • Developing Insight and Profiling
  • Defining Your Brand Descriptors

Module 2

  • People Buy Benefits
  • Functional, Emotional and Expressive Benefits
  • Authentic Brand Values
  • Your “Big Why” – Exploring Your Mission

Module 3

  • Value Proposition Templates and Case Studies
  • Drafting Your Tantalising Value Proposition
  • Storytelling, Archetype and the Hero’s Journey
  • The Role of Story in Brand Building

Module 4

  • Developing an Authentic Personality and Tone
  • Briefing Your Brand’s Visual Identity
  • How To Brief for Extraordinary Brand Design
  • Case Study With a Leading Designer

Module 5

  • Developing Your Tagline or Positioning Hook
  • Putting Brand Guidelines In Place to Create Consistency
  • Wrap Up, Revision and Celebrations
  • End to End Case Study on a New Brand


  • Complete our Brand Status Diagnostic tool to focus your efforts
  • (Short Video) Branding Fundamentals
  • (Short Video) Brand Pre Requisites
  • Monthly Q&A, Brand Reviews and “Hotseat” Audios


Course Format

  • Access via the Learndash platform – lifetime access
  • Each module is presented in a video and MP3, with full pdf transcript
  • Simple, downloadable templates and worksheets for each section
  • Special guests to provide more insight
  • Ability to ask questions or be a “hotseat” on the monthly call

Your Time Commitment

  • Modules are around 45 – 60 minutes of pure teaching content
  • Homework around 30 – 45 minutes per module (to get the best results)
  • Preparation time under 60 minutes (depending on results of your diagnostic test)

Commitment From Me to You

  • The diagnostic questionnaire will allow me to pinpoint your most likely brand issues and curate information that is relevant just for you
  • I want everyone to start with a level playing field of knowledge and guide your most intense efforts in the course.

From You to Me

  • You will complete the brand diagnostic questionnaire
  • You will complete the short video brand trainings so everyone is starting with the same definitions and expectations and knowledge base (Important so we can learn and implement at a fast pace).
  • You will work through the exercises and questions in real time

Cate what if I feel I need your personal help?  

I’d be delighted!  Please see the Consulting Page here

This is not for you if:

There is no room for improvement – you have a beautifully articulated brand and are crystal clear on the value you offer your ideal clients.

You are not ready to implement changes to your brand and potentially your visual identity and website.

Ideally this is a process of clarifying, course correcting or rejuvenating an existing brand.  If you don’t have a brand name you can work with now, please consider working with me privately.

Clarity, confidence, consistency

A brand that sweeps the path ahead of you and excites your ideal client.

A brand that makes you burst with pride.

Simple but comprehensive, all the brand information you’ll ever need, on one page, embedded.

Do it right and you’ll rarely need to revisit this work.

Won’t you join us?

This course will be ready in November 2015.  It will be $99, with a discount for those that join the wait list by filling in the form below.  Please contact us with questions.