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TE_brand-modelFOR YOU IF:

You have most of your “Ducks in a Row” but are struggling to find the words that convert interest into action

>>  People often come to me with a great concept and a well designed brand but their key messaging is slightly off the mark and needs a tweak.

>> We will work through a structured workshop to develop your lead copy with advanced facilitation techniques.  Sometimes known as your value proposition, your unique selling proposition or above the fold copy, your positioning is the all important core idea of your business. 





>> We start by reviewing your Sweet Spot (where your what, why and who intersect).  It is likely we have clarity on this, but we are mining it for message material!

>> We give special attention to what you know about your customers, especially what they have written in their own words, such as feeedback or surveys.

>> Positioning is about managing perception.  We define what you want to be known for in the market and what your lead attribute will be.

Here are the elements that we work with

  • WHO you are and WHO you serve
  • WHAT you are known for helping WITH (the problem)
  • WHAT happens as a result. Articulate the transformation … FROM this TO this …
  • WHY they can trust you, WHY they should choose you and WHY you care.

Your positioning includes:

  • Your introductory “pitch” (which gets people interested in you)
  • Your above the fold copy / unique selling proposition.
  • 20 clear and specific words that do so much heavy lifting in your business.
  • The call to action or next step

Ideal clients are sailing right by if you are not SUPER CLEAR on the reason they should work with you.

>>  We increase the likelihood of being remembered by applying the “Make it Stick” principles.

Here is an example of a finished “On Point Positioning” from my client Jenny White (you can see her testimonial at right).  We positioned her as a flexible business development resource.


Clarity is everything, and soon it will be yours.

te-cate-ducks-300WHY CHOOSE THIS:

>>  Branding is my first love.   I’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs recognize the importance of intentional branding in their business and why they need a brand which matches their ambitions.

>> This particular program is very close to my heart –  there is nothing I enjoy more than working with a motivated entrepreneur bringing a big vision to life.

>> My approach to developing new brands is to align and sequence the decisions that need to be made prior to a successful launch.  This is a “readiness” plan – you’ll be able to hit the ground running to start marketing, because you’re building on solid foundations.

>> Before I was an entrepreneur, I was a business strategist and consumer insight manager for Australia’s leading companies and biggest advertising agency.  So, I know how billion dollar brands do their R&D.  I’ve adapted these discipline for entrepreneurs (and boot strapper research budgets).

>> My true super power is facilitation.  I always start broad, I use clever creativity techniques to generate a bunch of great options before you pause to harvest, evaluate and drill down.  It’s a generative, rich, empowering process where you will leave feeling that perhaps for the first time you have a the Brand you were born for.

>> One more thing, I’m not a coach, I’m a strategist, an idea generator, a problem solver, a way shower and a framework addict. I’m business model agnostic, I want you to be able to evaluate your options from a clear eyed place and design the L.I.F.E. business that will work for you (and that will be different for everyone).

>> I know what it takes to build a real business.  True Entrepreneur is not my only business.  I have another that I created, built and systematized.  (So much so that I’ve left it in someone else’s capable hands.  It pays me over 6 figures a year to live at the beach, play with my dogs , write my content and help my clients).

>> I’m also kind and I make this process a lot of fun 🙂

Hi, I’m Cate – I help know how entrepreneurs (like you) find their way into the market and get their ducks in a row. They launch with confidence and their offers hit the mark.

My specialty is strategy – skillfully guiding clients through the decisions that must be made ahead of any “stellar launch.”

I draw on 20 years experience as a business strategist for the big end of town PLUS another 10 years in the entrepreneurial salt mines.

I built a big business that didn’t make me happy, so I left it in capable hands and am building this one straight from my heart.

I came to Cate with a mess of ideas and she knew exactly how to turn these into a business plan. She helped me put some structure in and really think things through. Who would my ideal client be? What would I offer? How would I charge for it? How would I promote my business?  After just a short time working with Cate, I had a plan and well thought out business idea that I felt was really going to work.

Cate helped connect me with other professionals to create my website and logo and once all this was done, she also put me in touch with potential clients.     I now have a successful business that ticks all of the boxes that I wanted it to. I can pay the bills whilst still spending time with my little girl. I feel so grateful that I met Cate at the right time as none of this felt possible without her vision, structured thinking and advice. (Not to mention writing skills!)

Jenny White

Jenny White Calls



Structured Program Completed 1-1 – Via Zoom: 

Reading and preparation materials supplied
Management of insight survey (if you have an existing customer list)
3 hour workshop
Follow up email support as required

$499 + gst