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whatthehellshouldisellFOR YOU IF:

>>  You have valuable know how or life experience to share, but you aren’t sure how to package it

>>  You’ve built an audience (even if small) and have some people who seem interested in what you have to say

>> You haven’t found a motivating hook for your courses, programs, membership or productized services

>>  You don’t know how to shape your intellectual property into something that would work as a paid product

>> Every idea you’ve ever thought of has already been done

>>  You’ve tried to create a product, program or workshop but didn’t get much of a response

>>  You are feeling a bit “chicken” about launching

>>  You’d like to be more certain that what you want to launch is something your audience will raise their hands for

>>  You have a good idea for a product but you don’t have ideas for the funnel pieces that will lead prospects into the investment

>>  You are scared of putting time or money into product development to only get *crickets*



>> Develop a product, program or service with a hot topic that ideal clients are ready and waiting to buy

>>  Learn how to identify desires and needs and validate them with market research so when you build something prospects actually want

>>  Plan and pre-sell your products and programs before you create them

>> Soup to nuts; from a vague idea to a blue-printed program and a sales pitch that will hit the mark and get them buying

>>  Decide which product formats will work best for you and your clients; leveraged digital products, in person workshops or online programs, 1-1 coaching or productized services.

>>  Loads of tips for structuring your teaching content for engagement, a great user experience (making it fun) and maximum results

>> Includes pricing guidelines and planning your sales funnel


>>  I’ve imagined, tweaked, named and brought into being 50 products (programs, services, workshops), some of which have brought in 7 figure revenues.

>> I’ve evolved what I learned into a template for entrepreneurial specialists, consultants and bloggers to package “know how” into compelling, consumable products that will suit your lifestyle goals

>>  Something you should know about me personally is that I’ve never been one to take short cuts.  Plus, I’ve done the hard yards in business (11 years as an entrepreneur) and everything I show people how to do, I’ve done myself.

>> I was a business strategist and consumer insight manager for Australia’s leading companies.  So, I know how billion dollar brands mine research and develop new products to hit the mark.  I’ve adapted these approaches for entrepreneurs (and boot strapper research budgets).

>> I’ve been researching, developing and testing product development tools for 3 years and have even turned the process into an idea generation game.  The game is so much fun you’ll barely notice that you’ve come up with 20 amazing ideas in 15 minutes.

>> My super power is facilitation.  I always start broad and use clever creativity techniques to generate a bunch of great options before you pause to harvest, evaluate and drill down.

>> It’s a generative, rich, empowering process where you could develop a year’s worth of ideas in a short time.

>> One more thing, I’m not a coach, I’m a strategist, an idea generator, a problem solver, a way shower and a framework addict. I’m business model agnostic, I want you to be able to evaluate your options from a clear eyed place and design the L.I.F.E. business that will work for you (and that will be different for everyone).

>> I’m also a kind person and I won’t beat you up if you get a bit lost, stuck or scared (because you will), I’ll hold out my hand and try and guide you out of the desert.

Hi, I’m Cate – I help know how entrepreneurs (like you) find their way into the market and get their ducks in a row. They launch with confidence and their offers hit the mark.

My specialty is strategy – skillfully guiding clients through the decisions that must be made ahead of any “stellar launch.”

I draw on 20 years experience as a business strategist for the big end of town PLUS another 10 years in the entrepreneurial salt mines.

I built a big business that didn’t make me happy, so I left it in capable hands and am building this one straight from my heart.

I came to Cate with a mess of ideas and she knew exactly how to turn these into a business plan. She added structure and helped me think things through. Who would my ideal client be? What would I offer? How would I charge for it? How would I promote my business?

After working with Cate, I had a plan and well thought out business idea that I felt was really going to work. Cate helped connect me with other professionals to create my website and logo and once all this was done, she also put me in touch with potential clients.

I now have a successful business that ticks all of the boxes. I can pay the bills whilst still spending time with my little girl. I feel so grateful that I met Cate at the right time as none of this felt possible without her vision, structured thinking and advice. (Not to mention writing skills!)

Jenny White

Jenny White Calls



1-1 VIP DAY – In Person: 

Full day program (Sydney or Wollongong)
3 months of support, including 3 x 45 minute follow up calls to iterate product development

A$1,199 plus expenses to max $250.


1-1 VIP DAY Online – Via Zoom: 

3 x 2 hour livestream sessions (including exercises)

3 months of support, including 3 x 45 minute follow up calls to iterate product development




Structured Program Completed 1-1 – Via Zoom: 

Reading and preparation materials
9 x 45 minute sessions over 10 weeks
Email support continues for 6 weeks to launch



In Person Small Group Workshop:   

Full day program (Sydney or Wollongong)
2 x 45 minute follow up group calls to iterate product development


Dates be announced, workshop anticipated early February 2017 (3 people minimum) Contact Me to Waitlist Here, Reference “What the Hell Will I Sell” Group Program Waitlist.