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Clarity + Positioning + Connection = Remembered & Referred


There’s no silver bullet, but nailing your core messaging comes close…. This is truly your “make or break” copy.

Eight seconds*

When your ideal client lands on your site, that’s all you’ve got to quickly communicate they’re in the right place.

Attention is scant (and diminishing further every day), so the copy and visuals that sit above the fold on your website must hook them… and keep them reading.

* 8 seconds was measured in 2015, it is probably only 7 now, and falling.

What’s going to help you?

Magic Words

are the words that capture and communicate your core message with precision. You might have heard them called other things before:

  • Brand Value Proposition.
  • Above the Fold Copy.
  • Brand Positioning Statement
  • Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
  • Core messaging

Because entrepreneurs were getting bogged down with semantics, I’ve been calling them Magic Words.

  • Words that prospects notice.
  • Words that keep them reading.
  • Words that work super hard.
  • Words that start the journey to money in the bank.

They seem to work like magic, but in truth they’re no accident. They’ve been crafted and refined so that no one can see the strings.

Magic Words live at the centre of your brand and clearly and concisely convey:

  • WHO you are and WHO you help
  • WHAT you DO to help and WHAT RESULTS they can expect
  • WHY they should choose you and WHY they can trust you
  • WHAT to do NEXT

The Mistakes I see Everywhere

  • People skipping this step altogether because they can’t pin down how they’re of use to anyone.
  • People with words so cookie cutter a robot might have written them.
  • People who blow their own horn with jargon and hype. And don’t back up their claims.
  • People sell their process rather than the results.
  • Using meaningless high minded terms when it’s better to be clear and concrete.

Do this Instead:

  • Engineer a jolt of recognition so the prospect knows they have come across a genuine solution.
  • Focus on WIFM (what’s in it for me) rather than yourself.
  • Show them you have something they want but haven’t been able to get.

Positioning is an art and a science.

The reality is you have a tiny window (8 seconds and dropping) to claim your “slot” in the minds of prospects.

You must show them how you or your product can be USEFUL to them. Tell how you will add real value to their lives.

And these words are not just for people who may buy from you, it’s also for peers. We all know referral business is the best business. Being “on point” makes it necessary for you to be recommended.

This short video shows the best examples I’ve found:

These examples?  They’ve done the work to CRAFT them.  I invite you to do the same.

I’ve created a free online workshop which will walk you through a simple framework that will allow you to:

>> Pin down the intention of what you want to say
>> Find the precise words for a core message that will make you more money.

The workshop is loaded with great examples and includes “plug and play” templates and a breakdown of the formats.

It’s pure content of about 1 hour.  I recommed you allow an extra 30 minutes to complete your exercises (there are some downloads too).

I think it will help you both from a clarity perspective and a conversion perspective.

free:  online masterclass

Join this free 60 minute on demand training designed to nail your Value Proposition (Magic Words).  With this box ticked you'll see an immediate lift in clarity and conversions.

Your privacy is critical to me and your details will always be treated with absolute integrity

Check for an email that contains the link for the workshop along with some exercises and other helpful downloads.

Why do this work? (it’s not super easy, after all)

  • Connect with receptive prospects.   Because you’re speaking directly to their wants or needs, they will stop and give you their attention.
  • The words create a container for what your business is (and equally importantly) and what it is not, which means:
  • The proposition forms the basis for your sales, marketing and product development offers which will:
  • Increase both the quantity of and quality of leads and
  • Distinguish your offer from competitors and
  • Act as your quick handle for your “go – to” specialisation, plus
  • Keep all your key messages consistent and allow everyone (including those outside your business) to sing from the same “hymn sheet”

I hope you dig in and do this work, I believe the benefits will astound you.